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Council for Licensed Conveyancers

The body which regulates licensed Conveyancers.  There is a postcode search for finding a licensed conveyancer near you.

First Tier Tribunal (Property Chamber)

A court dealing with leasehold disputes. 

Law and Lease

A barristers blog about leasehold law, service charges in particular with case law and her interpretations.  Very interesting, dare I say entertaining!

Law Society

The independent professional body representing  solicitors. 


A Government funded, independent advice for residential leaseholders and park home residents.  Contains a wealth of information and a free helpline, and a lease extension calculator. 

Leasehold Association

Provides a great deal of information on leasehold properties with help and support for leaseholders, including assistance with applying to the First-Tier Tribunal. 

Leasehold Reform

The Governments proposals for changes to the law to give leaseholders a better deal.  There are many links on this site to the various reforms, ranging from abolishing ground rents to conversion to commonhold.

Legal Ombudsman

Dealing with complaints where the client is not satisfied with the response from the SRA for solicitors or the CLC for licensed conveyancers.

Society of Licensed Conveyancers

The body which represents licensed conveyancers.

Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA)

Regulates solicitors in England and Wales.


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