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This website is an attempt to explain the leasehold maze. It is a complicated area of the law but if you own, or are thinking of buying, a leasehold property you must understand what is involved. 

Hopefully this website will help you.

This is a new site but there will be additions over time, with more detail and information on common problems, and what actions can be taken to deal with these.


I will be adding summaries of the many Acts of Parliament relating to leasehold properties as well as case law, with links to all of these where appropriate.


Can't find what you're looking for?

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I will also give examples of my own experiences in dealing with freeholders and managing agents.

The law on this website only applies to England and Wales.

The author, John Clay, is a retired property lawyer specialising in leasehold property. He has considerable experience in leasehold conveyancing and property development concentrating on leasehold properties. With five leasehold properties being rented out in the London area, he has been tackling freeholders and managing agents for many years.


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